Wellington AGM - 5th October - Mt Vic - 6:45PM

The Wellington Regional AGM will be held on Wednesday 5th October in central Wellington, Exact Time & Location to be confirmed closer to the day.

The core regional business is the election of a regional committee for the 2016 - 17 year.

We hope to be part of the National AGM, via phone conference in order to hear and be involved in discussions. After the National AGM is complete, Wellington will hold their business. This means we’re not restricted to time, in order to finish up before the National AGM. We can go for as long as we please.

What are the requirements?
You must be a member of NZLARPS wellington branch.

The committee has a light workload and currently meets quarterly. There are occasional online discussions. However some roles, such as Marketing, Gear and Treasurer will require a greater time commitment.

How do I nominate someone?
Post their name and the position you are nominating them for below. Nominations must be accepted and seconded.

Yes, you can nominate yourself.

What are the roles?

There are five core positions:
Regional Director - runs committee, chairs committee meetings, acts as regional representative to national committee.
Secretary- keeps minutes at committee meetings, communicates committee decisions to members, deals with any formal mail.
Treasurer - handles the money
Gear Officer - handles storage and maintenance of society-owned equipment, keeps records of what we have and where it is.
Marketing Officer- promotes larp to outsiders in an effort to recruit more larpers; updates community on what games are running.

In addition, the Regional AGM can decide to appoint up to two General Officers to handle anything else that needs to be done / contribute to committee discussion. Currently we have two of these . The RGM will have to vote first whether those positions are necessary before any election to them is held (so people could be nominated and seconded for a position which may not in fact exist)

If you have any nominations, or Business, please comment below. Nominations close 27th September, in order to process and open up electronic voting for those that can’t attend due to timing or distance.


Just to mix it up a little… I nominate @IdiotSavant for marketing. @TazzyD for director, @HexualSealing for secretary, @Ants for treasurer, Mel for gear officer, and Thomas for general committee. :wink:

Oh and @HexualSealing for marketing and @IdiotSavant for secretary, since they both seem skilled in both…

I second the nominations for @TazzyD for director, @HexualSealing for secretary and marketing, @Ants for treasurer, Mel for gear officer and Thomas for general committee.

I accept the nominations for marketing officer and secretary.

I accept nom for gear officer. I am campaigning on a platform of finding a permanent home for the gear shed that isn’t inside my home.


I accept my nomination for secretary, but do not for marketing.

(A bit much for me at the moment sadly, but thank you, I am flattered :slight_smile: )


I’ll accept my nomination for General officer.


Accept treasurer nom

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I accept the nomination

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So, apparently my name appears on the e-ballot for Secretary and Marketing. This is an error - I have not been seconded by anyone. I therefore ask people not to vote for me for either position, as I can not be elected.

Marketing Officer’s report

This year we continued our marketing campaigns at NZ ComicCon / Armageddon. The campaign was a success, and brought a large number of new people into the Wellington larp community. We’ve been seeing new people at games, and a significant rise in NZLARPS membership as a result. As always, it required a substantial effort from the community, and I’d like to thank everyone who contributed by volunteering on the stall, running games, poster design, and lugging all the stuff about.

I’ve also repeated last year’s marketing survey to gather information about the needs of the Wellington larp community and some of the constraints on it. I’ve processed the data and I’ll post a link to the analysis and presentation tomorrow once its been checked.

Supplementary: here’s the link to the survey results: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kaiAso7j9T3n46nD7DHu9WiQBBhDpfFBENOoC8yfYWo/edit?usp=sharing

The venue is 13 Manners St Wellington CBD

Meet at 6:45pm to be escorted up

Call on 021837458 if late

From the mailing list:

To all those coming to the AGM, there has been a change of plans. Due to an emergency power outage, we are looking for a new venue.

Please stay tuned for another announcement when we have a new location.

Chris Rosedale

Right, we’re sorted: the new venue is: 16 Moir street, Mt Victoria

The national AGM starts at 7pm, so try and be there a little early to ensure we have quorum.

The regional AGM will begin once the National AGM is closed, hopefully around 7:30pm.