Wellington AGM 2018 Minutes

Metting commenced at 7 30pm.

Overall responses: 18 e-votes
In attendance (in person or through hangouts): Mel, Naomi, Rebecca, Anthony, Norman, Callum, Toby, Courtney, Karen, Gecko.

Apologies: Lee Patrick, Jon Ball.

Total of 20 in attendance, quorum met.

Acceptance of last year’s minutes (Found here)

Motion passed, with 1 opposed, 19 in favour.

Voting in of accounts (Found here)
1 Abstain
19 in favour

Presidents report:
Enjoyed her time as director so far – organising the shed space for the gear was a big project and it was a big leap for us. No weekend events run officially, but many one-offs run through the year.
All voted in favour of acceptance.

Gear officer report:
Two Embers uses of gear, and a little bit of other smaller projects. Gear shed has been self-managing since the big move to an external location. Slowly going through library and throwing things out that are no longer of use/don’t work. Would like to get more money for doing improvements on storage in future. Need to check if venue will still be available after rumours it won’t be.

Library is very full and needs to be culled. Labelling of boxes and organisation currently has been very effective compared to previous methods. Things are being returned to their origin boxes.
All voted in favour of acceptance.

Secretary report:

35 members, decrease from last year (see Marketing report). No enquiries to the official channels and has been quiet on that front. Several new people enquired in person and we have seen a nice small spike in newer members joining.
All voted in favour of acceptance.

Marketing report: Survey results and report can be seen here
All voted in favour of acceptance

Treasurer report was unable to be given at this time

Vote for Returning officer:

Nominated: Anthony – Seconded, accepted.

Voting results:

Overall responses: 20

Regional Director:
Abstain 0
No confidence 0
Mel Duncan 20

Abstain 0
No confidence 0
Courtney Parnell 20

Gear Officer:
Abstain 0
No confidence 0
Norman Cates 20

Marketing Officer:
1 Abstain
No confidence 0
Malcolm Harbrow 19

General Officers (2):
Abstain 1
No confidence 0
Lee Patrick 19
Toby Stewart 19

No treasurer position. Will be figured out at a later date.

Other business:

Toby and Callum have announced a weekend-long Western campaign called Consequence for Wellington. It will involve 5 weekend games with potential for day/evening games. They are looking for this to be an affiliate or a project of NZLARPs and have already booked the venue for their first game at the start of November in 2019. You can find more information about this here.

The GMs have noted there will be a more public release with further information after this coming Embers game.

Meeting concluded at 8 30 pm


Unofficial Wellington finance report, AKA “I got bored one night and made some graphs, just like last year”

As discussed in the meeting, the Wellington region made a loss, because we invested in shelves for our new gear shed. Project games were run by myself, @Catnip, @lesbiancobra, and @u_ne_korn (@Stephanie’s game is in next financial year).

Having the gear shed on site with Vogelmorn Hall was brilliant, by the way.

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