Wellington 2023 committee reports

2023 Treasurer’s Report

The balance of the Wellington regional account on 1 September 2022 was $3,384.17. The balance on 4 September 2023 was $1,813.88, giving a loss of $1570.29.

Our major expense for the year was the gear shed, which was costing us $220 / month (see below). Other expenses included reimbursements for past game expenses (Stars Beneath the Ocean 1 and Much Ado About Something) and refunded game fees. Our revenue was $240 in game fees, $270 in annual membership redistribution, and a single donation of $200.

We have now relocated the gear, ensuring we are now on a stable financial footing, though we do still owe $730 in refunds ($670 for Consequence 3, $60 for Angels in the Fog) for cancelled games. Bank account problems (see below) meant I was unable to follow up on this properly, and this is something that will need to be followed up on when access is restored.

NZLARPS had problems with its bank accounts this year, which interfered with our ability to support games. In December I was informed that no-one in NZLARPS could authorise payments. This situation lasted until July, at which stage the national committee regained access, but as a side effect it was removed from all regional treasurers. At present, all payments and requests for information must go through the national committee. The national director recognises that this is undesirable, and I am hoping that the issue will be resolved in the near future.

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2023 Secretary Report

As of 25th September, membership numbers were up slightly (26 compared to 25 last year).

The Wellington committee did not meet formally, but conducted business as needed by email and on Diatribe. The following resolutions were passed this year:

  • Two games were approved as NZLARPS projects: Much Ado About Something by Tim Crow (ran 10 Dec 2022) and the second session of Stars Beneath the Ocean by Tim and Nik (which unfortunately had to cancel due to lack of numbers)
  • Voted to move gear from commercial storage to Frank Pitt’s house
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2023 Director’s Report

Yet another quiet year, however, we did receive some invigoration with the popular Sunday Series, which I hope makes a comeback over the Summer.

During the last year, I received numerous queries, including successfully connecting student filmmakers with LARPers for stage combat purposes (which the NZLARPs committee was personally thanked for assisting with!) as well as more well-intentioned media people. While we shy away from most, those reaching out nowadays seem to be in earnest, with the most promising being from Vice who is very keen to give LARPing a go as part of their Vice Tries series and has remained in touch.

I want to, yet again, thank the Committee this year in the administrative work they have done in the course of the year. This is volunteer work and thank you for your commitment to ensuring the little things in the background ticked over.



Gear Officer Report 2023

For not running too many games the gear sure has moved a lot this year. Ending our rental on the storage unit and moving the gear from there to Frank’s garage was the biggest ordeal, but thankfully the members mobilised to help make that happen.

Our Swords/Weapons also relocated from Kilbirnie to Karori with us when we moved house. The option for the new Gear Officer to take over storage of these is there if they choose.

We still have gear stored at Brookfield, I’d hope we can see some kind of game run there in 2024 so we can keep that relationship open and justify storing so much of our stuff there for free.

Big thanks to Frank for generously offering space for storage, and to all those who helped with the move. I myself lack spoons to continue with the Gear Officer role so hopefully someone fresh and enthusiastic can take over.

  • Toby
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