Wellington 2019 AGM Minutes

Meeting commenced at 7.45pm

Physical attendance: Mel Duncan, Courtney Parnell, Dylan Tiller, Callum Upton, Toby Stewart,
Brooklynne Michelle, Lee Patrick, Elizabeth and Bradley Blucher
Via Zoom: Malcolm, Donna, Russ, Morgan
Apologies: Norman, Gear officer

Meeting was quorate with 30 out of 48 total members having cast their vote (all online)

Acceptance of last year’s AGM minutes
Last year’s minutes accepted.

Approval of accounts
Majority of incoming money had come from Consequence.
Financial summary can be found here
Accounts accepted (1 abstention)

Reports from committee
Big thing that was dealt with this year is the gear shed being switched over to being run by someone else. They want to take 1/3 of the garage though, and the Director gave her disapproval of this idea at a meeting with them. They seem like they want to discontinue storage for us, so if we do more events at Volgemorn, they would probably look more kindly on us – but that is not entirely cost-effective.

Not much to comment on, though noted there was an increase in membership over the past year. No queries or concerns were received by the secretary over the past year.

Gear officer (given by Director):
See Director’s report. Also: a large purchase of non-medieval gear for Consequence. Will be helpful for future projects coming next year too. Fabric stash in residential shed that residents would like moved on. Need to organise going through it. Propose incoming committee organise this.

Survey results here

See approval of accounts.

Election of returning officer
Mel Duncan (outgoing Director) nominated. Seconded and passed.

Election of the new regional committee
Director: Courtney Parnell elected
Treasurer: Brooklynne Michelle elected
Secretary: Elizabeth Blucher elected
Gear Officer: Toby Stewart elected
Marketing: Malcolm Harbrow elected
General Officers: Lee Patrick and Callum Upton elected.

Other business:
Toby proposed to re-invent combat practices and do a picnic in the park event. Suggestion made to alternate between Wellington and the Hutt in order to provide more opportunities if travel is a barrier. Other alternative suggestion was to rebrand it as a big social and combat gathering held less often. Potential to have some games with boffer combat (such as capture the flag or other game scenarios which proved popular in the past), costume and role-play discussions with experienced LARPers and professionals in the community in an accompanying picnic/pot luck. It was noted that this could encourage more attendance but also promote the feeling of being part of the community (a problem identified via the marketing survey). Rebranding to LARPers in the Park as opposed to just combat practice. Committee to move forward looking into this in the coming months once the busy LARP period has died down (after November).

Meeting conclude 8.21pm.


Does this mean I’m free from treasurer of welly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apologies, I didn’t note that down :stuck_out_tongue: You’re not getting out this easy

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