Welcome Home: Rides!

People who have no cars: Luke and I are investigating renting a van and trailer. Who wants a ride? And also who might be interested in sending their gear in the trailer without them? Probably looking in the realm of $10/load, and may be making more than one trip out to the venue.

All people who are riding in the van Luke P Smylie is driving, please confirm if you want to be in the morning run or the afternoon run, and where you’d like to be picked up from (though we’re trying to restrict it to 1 or 2 stops a suburb).
Morning run will be leaving town at about 11, stopping at Scotts and Pak’n’Save and getting to the site between 3 and 4.
Afternoon run leaves about 5 from the furthest away stop and goes direct to the campsite with a short stop to get dinner for those on it.
How many people want to be on each run will determine whether we pay an extra $300 for a trailer, so we want to get this right!

I’ll be leaving town on Friday a little after 4, and stopping in Petone for dinner at 5 before heading up to Brookfields. At the moment I’m the only one in my car, so anyone need a lift? With gear I’d say I can take 2 more people.

As far as I know I can take one more as well. We will be leaving just after 4 as well from city

Will firm that up shortly