I thought I’d start a thread for questions about the legality of weapons from a rules point of view. So first of all, in terms of NERF guns, what is and isn’t ok?
Sophie has said no to Auto, by which I assume that covers any and all battery powered reloading guns. However, is Slam Fire fine, or is that also a no? For those that don’t know, Slam Fire basically means the gun is designed so that you still have to cock it for every shot, but you can keep the trigger pulled so that every time you cock it, it fires a round.
Is there a maximum clip size?


Good call on starting this thread! It seems the rules have changed greatly since the last time I larped (over 10 years ago), particularly in the area of materials.

My question is about a hand crossbow. What I have is a plastic ‘Petron funbow’ that came with plastic darts, but will fire Nerf foam bullets, which I assume are preferable. What I need to do is add catches on the back ends of the nerf bullets to make them fire properly - currently I’m using duct tape to do this, but is that acceptable, or should I try and somehow glue fiddly bits of foam on the ends?

Also, is there a minimum range that range weapons can be fired from (at a human) for safety reasons?


For melee weapons, is there a maximum length before it has to be wielded in two hands? Or would you prefer to leave it to our discretion, provided we don’t abuse the privilege?


Most games have the 105 - 110cm rule, and it seems to match the manufactured ones. But I am not sure what Sophie has in mind.


The 105 - 110cm rule? That being the length over which you should be using two hands?


Anything over 110cm. Some games used to be 105cm, but then some manufactured long swords being bought are 110, so I know it was changed for Teonn.


And what about Nerf disk guns. I mean it is the future right. Sort of.


Hi guys,

Thanks for starting this thread. A lot of these points I haven’t really thought through, however these are the rules:

  1. Could it hurt someone badly;
  2. Will it impact on other people’s fun due to being too powerful;
  3. Does it make sense?

If you answer Yes to 1 or 2, or No to 3 then it isn’t allowed.

I reserve the right to say no to something at anytime, including in the middle of the game. But I will always tell you why I’m saying no.

In terms of sword length, anything up to 100cm is one handed, 100-110cm can be considered hand an a half (ie you can wield them one or two handed), anything over 110cm is two handed. However see point 3 above, I’m happy to leave it up to you.

In terms of range, NERF guns have impressive ranges so no I don’t have any rules in mind for that.

Does that cover the points so far?


Looks good to my n00b eyes.

And it also looks like I’m finally going to be purchasing my first NERF gun to mod. What’s the biggest one I can reasonably carry >:)


[quote=“amphigori”]Looks good to my n00b eyes.

And it also looks like I’m finally going to be purchasing my first NERF gun to mod. What’s the biggest one I can reasonably carry >:)[/quote]
I will have a spare that you can borrow. It’ll be a pretty big rifle.


Aw thanks, Fraser. I’m gonna want to paint my gun to match some of my other stuff tho :slight_smile:

If I fall short on time I’ll take you up on the offer!


Another thing about weaponry.

I love that people put heaps of effort into painting nerf guns and making everything totally on genre.

That being said if you don’t have the time, the skill or the interest then I will be ok with people just using a NERF gun as is.

If you can take the effort, awesome. But I know people will forgive a little orange plastic on a gun.


In the future, only plastic guns have survived the apocalypse.


Hi folks,

Just wondering, what is the best type of paint to use for nerf/plastic in general, and where’s the best place to get it? Would spray enamel work, and what kind of prices am I looking at?


Since guns are pretty easy to use and I imagine a few non-melee PC’s will simply be packing one as a sidearm, I expect we’ll see a few nice variations on common paint themes rather than any single technique. So go to town on that sucker :slight_smile: You can get single shot pistols small enough to fit into a holster, or even deringer style ones for less than $10 from the warehouse.

On that note, I produced a Strongarm with pretty minimal work, about 2 hours all up while highly distracted watching tv. The original was bright blue and orange. I painter taped off the internals rather than open it up, undercoat black spray paint (I then used modelling paint to paint the rotating section gray, but in hindsight that really wasn’t needed!). Then taped off a few underpieces I wanted kept black, and gave it a light coat of spray paint silver. Removed the top tape (but left the internal covering tape still in place). Then a couple of clear spray coats over the top to lock it in. Nowhere near as good as Nick P’s guns, but from a distance it looks suitable. I did file/sand off the logos but that’s pretty optional I suspect. I really didn’t use much from my spray cans, so if anyone wanted to use some (I have silver and clear left) just let me know.

To answer the original question somewhat lengthily, I used Dulux Spraypak quickdry enamel, about $11 from Mitre10. I would make sure you DON’T accidentally use SprayKote - I’ve tried that in the past and its glossy, gluggy, and is pretty horrid. The SprayPak left a nice consistent layer with minimal effort. Definitely use some painters tape, it helps make nice smooth edges and protect the internals. Means you can be lazy like me and not open the gun up!

But NickP is the real genius on this, his advice trumps mine if he provides any :slight_smile:

Final version is here: http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o729/surrealfish1/nerf_small_zps79d0c583.jpg


Thanks SurrealFish, much appreciated (-:

Incidentally, what’s good to use on foam?


So before I start my first nerf gun project, was it yes or no to battery powered ones?

The one I bought is a semi automatic nerf stockade. It doesnt seem to be hugely scary compared to the automatic ones that were being used at hydra.


I have no idea! Hopefully there’s some foam weapon makers around the forums who can answer…


Kate are you talking about for foam weapons (swords, axes and so on) and props?

If so, we use a mixture of latex and paint.


[quote=“Scott”]Kate are you talking about for foam weapons (swords, axes and so on) and props?

If so, we use a mixture of latex and paint.[/quote]

Yup, specifically those cheap foam weapons you get in $2 shops. I know they’re not as sturdy as specifically-made LARP weapons but it’s the best I can do right now. Can you use just some sort of ordinary paint to change the colour, without having to buy latex, and if not, where’s the best place to get latex from?