HI all,
Now we’ve been running sparring practices fairly regularly now, with a small but regular following. It has led me to thinking about how we can continue this without it becoming stagnant. Leela informs me a regular (monthly) game event for the Sunday slot was discussed, which would be one avenue (one that I support), I had thoughts around continuation of the practice slot into something with a bit more punch.

There is a couple of groups in Melbourne (Swordcraft and Legends of Morkoth) which run larp battle group events (kind of larp) every Friday… 150-200 people turn up pretty much to do what we do for practice except they have characters and fight as small warbands and run objective based missions.

They do so in costume, in armour and to a limited extent, in character. It verges on combat as sport and the benefit is that we could get the same sort of training as we get now and then put it into practice in scenarios between small war-bands.

Ideally we’d encourage people to form unique warbands, adding flavour and role play to the events. It builds a little bit of rivalry, a little competitiveness and adds a lot of fun to the formal training we already do. Not to mention costuming. It’s not quite larp but it’s not really any more demanding than it already is.

While I’m not suggesting a Friday or even weekly events, what I am proposing is that our group contemplate this kind of structure. A similar 2 hour event, with part dedicated to training and part to scenario based combat.

Let me know your thoughts (working title, Waikato Warbands or Rivershire Raiders).

I have jotted down some ideas and reworked some ideas I already had in text here - Warbands

Note, I tend to over think these things. Pretty much everything in there can be reduced to a single double sided piece of paper.