War-stories and post-game squee

Well that was a great first session. Thanks to @RobotPie and @grrrlshapedthing for running it, and to @grrrlshapedthing for the delicious dinner.

I felt under-prepped for this - I had no plan going in, no idea what I was going to do. Fortunately, Boyne Athay provided one, and so we had to put on a very short play at even shorter notice. Fortunately Marcellus Clovox-Worthington (@TheTimCrow) rose to the occasion and provided a script, and “cousin Ethan” (@Auroran) and Mildred (@Artemesia_Rose) stepped up as actors. The play itself - or rather its aftermath - may have turned into a scandal, but that was certainly not our fault.

Along the way I drank a lot, talked a lot of shit, and hopefully laid the seeds for a successful scam in game 2 (we shall see…). I had a great time just talking with Sherry (@MaenadicAeronaut) and Will (@Ged). And somehow I managed to fill 6 hours with that.

How did everyone else’s game go? And does anyone have a copy of the play script for posterity? (preferably the annotated and correct version?)


What did the costumes look like?

A mix. Its fantasy-Tudoresque after all, so there was totally a place for leather pants :slight_smile: Doublets, waistcoats, various sorts of dress.

Unfortunately I don’t think anyone took photos :frowning:

I found it interesting that many of the PCs were actors, servants, and tradeskeeps rather than the more traditional larp PC classes


It was utter great fun, even if I did have flirting time cut short by writing out that play (and a second copy, both of which I have.) Still there was so much going on that I missed, but that just made the setting feel alive. For both narrative and mechanical reasons, there were things I didn’t want to get involved in, but knowing such cool plot was happening made me happy.

I really liked bouncing off Sebasian and Sibyl, as the trio of us formed a nice homely group.

I cannot wait to see what happens in game two, as I may have (in 110% irony), had my soul stolen by the Devil.

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@Reanna I took a few of myself before game, but everyone else looked as good, if less flamboyant.

Specific shoutout to the various people of the apron brigade, I counted at least five…


That was deliberate when I wrote the setting - although I like games where people are wizards and the like, I wanted to try something different. Ordinary people’s stories are just as interesting as traditional heroic narratives.

We only have one PC mercenary, which is interesting, who sadly couldn’t make it to the game. Had we had more I think the game, it would have had a very different tone. We also didn’t have any street-mongers, again, very interesting.

I loved the costumes. And the aprons. And that the servants decided to cover their hair - V. Respectable. Everything felt quite right. We wanted to stress the low-costume aspect for the first game. If people want to fancy up their costumes for next game, that’s cool too!

The GM team wanted to run a “sandbox” game where the plot was player directed, rather than having a meta-narrative. Once we get feedback we’ll work out how well that worked.

There are some regrets though: we didn’t run a lot of stuff because of timing (we probably over-wrote for this game) and originally the tone was a lot darker - historical noir rather than the absolute shenanigans that seemed to be going on. That’s probably due to the plots that went out.


:rofl: That photo…!

Excellent effort, sir. Most excellent.

@RobotPie I guess you can always use plot that didn’t go out this time later, though? Assuming it still fits the general direction, of course.


All the more plot for next time! I definitely think it’s better to have too much plot than too little.

To me the first session felt like a pilot episode (in a good way) - an introduction to the characters and setting with some hints at some deeper stuff that might be going on