Volunteers wanted for Armageddon

NZLARPS will be running the usual stand at Armageddon to promote our games (and larping in general). So, I’m after some people to staff it. This will involve hanging around the stand (ideally in costume), handing out business cards and flyers, talking to people about larp, and ideally getting them to sign up for stuff. Though just general awareness raising is good too.

Hours this year are:

  • Saturday April 13th - 9am to 5pm
  • Sunday April 14th - 10am to 5pm
  • Monday April 15th - 10am to 4pm

We’ll split each day into two shifts, with a 1pm changeover. On Saturday this means 4-hour shifts, on Monday 3 hours, with Sunday having a 3 hour morning and a 4 hour afternoon.

From past experience, Saturday will be busy, with the later days slower as the diehards have already seen us. There’s usually time to skive off and see the sights as well. I expect Monday to either be dead, or swarming with kids, who aren’t our demographic. Note that Monday is not a public holiday: they’ve timed things this year for the first week of the school holidays rather than Easter.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please let me know, and indicate what shift(s) you would prefer. In past years we’ve had enough volunteers for people to do a single shift each. We’ll try and get two people on at once, so you’ll have someone to talk to if the human tidal wave lets up.

Note the new costume policy when considering costumes:

Anything pre-19th century is fine.

A bit over two weeks to go, and I have too many people for Saturday, no-one for Sunday morning, and only one person for Monday. Anyone else wanting to volunteer to fill those gaps, or anyone willing to switch?