Volunteers wanted for Armageddon 2020

Before the world caught fire, NZLARPS was planning to run a stand at Wellington Armageddon. Wellygeddon has now been rescheduled for the weekend of August 1-2, so I need to start planning it. And because I’ll need to register all our volunteers with them for contact-tracing purposes sometime during the week of June 22-29, that means I need to ask now.

We normally schedule people for half-day shifts, with two people on the stand at once. For a two-day event, that means 8 people-shifts in total. I tend to do the whole Saturday, so that means I need 6 more (and maybe some more as cover in case someone gets sick, because there’s an absolutely firm requirement not to attend if even slightly sick).

Working the stand is basicly a matter of wearing a costume, handing out flyers, and talking to interested people. We’ll have some immediate games to pitch - Scandal & Society, Consequence, and whatever we can schedule for October - plus there’s more distant events like Hydra and Blood in the Furrows. But also general talking about larp, and sometimes talking about events in other cities.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, then please email wellington.marketing@nzlarps.org.

Errr… Is that really on the exact same weekend as Worldcon?

Yes, unfortunately. Its very poor timing, but nothing I can do anything about.

If anyone else wants to volunteer for this, I’ve still got time to get you one the contact-tracing form.

Currently we have four people, which is just enough to go ahead.