Virtual Peaky

Peaky is a UK larp-writing weekend, which has produced a lot of widely-played small games (An Ecumenical Matter, Diamond Geezers, Burning Orchid, Best of the Wurst) (it also has a US version). This year, for obvious reasons, it was cancelled. So they got together and held a virtual one instead. Here’s Steve Hatherley’s writeup:

I’m wondering if there’d be any interest in doing an NZ one. Our last pukepuke weekend in Wellington wasn’t successful (none of the larps has ever been finished), but would people be interested in trying again?


I’m more interested in p&p games or just general writing than writing larps, sadly… I’d be the first person to sign up for just a generic creative weekend, though!

Unfortunately, the virtual format doesn’t really work for me either. My other half isn’t interested in doing any of this but we’d want to spend the weekend doing some stuff together if we’re in the same place. It’d be a bit antisocial for me to just disappear to a room when that’s what we do all week (by necessity) while we’re working from home.

I’m curious, though: how do other people solve this sort of thing?