Vanhier, The Maker

What I learnt from the Maker (incomplete list)

  • The Maker likes good whiskey, good food and good tea, and is kind enough to compliment daisy chains. He is nothing like Savronar in demeanour, and did not seem angry to have had his powers taken from him, as Savronar was.
  • Our gods rose from our own ranks, taking power from the dragons in much the same manner that the god eaters took it from them. Their ritual involved a single dragon, who they took power from. They hunted down and killed the other, much weakened, dragons after.
  • Lord Vanhier has been in a place surrounded by anti-mana. It followed him back through, He wasn’t able to stay long, as it was catching up with him.
  • After Vanhier left, the Hollow one seemed ok. They were not affected like Hawthorne or the others were. Perhaps because they have no mana themselves?
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Interesting thought on the hollow having no Mana. If Mana is spirit or Soul, as theorised in the pumphouse notes, then that would mean the Hollow lacks those also.

I have a feeling we’ve asked Nephilim if they had mana before, and they did not. I can’t remember the details of this, but the “having no mana” part was something I was fairly certain of when I wrote these notes. The theory part is that they weren’t affected by the anti-mana because they have no mana of their own.

The concepts of spirit, soul, and mana are very tightly tied together in many of our notes. Its a very strong theme in the Elsicara Glyphs too. Others say the soul is the container for mana, but the association is still quite strong.