Vampire the Masquerade: Sabbat - Edge of Extinction


April 26 at 18.00 (projected end time 21.30)
Auckland Horticultural Centre, 990 Great North Rd

Walpurgisnacht: The Sabbat gather to celebrate the taking of their newly-won city…

There is a strange sound. You look behind you. Nobody is there. It must just have been a cat, you think. Then suddenly a hand is across your face and you’re struggling as someone bites you…

You wake up. You’re a prisoner. There are other people next to you. The creepy-looking guy who you saw outside is standing in front of you. They look pleased. They tell you that you’re lucky. That you have been chosen to join the ranks of the one true religion, to be given power beyond the dreams of mortals. That you have been chosen to fight a war that has raged for centuries, to fight for the Dark Father. Chosen to know true freedom for the first time in your life.

You hope this is a dream, but you know deep down that it is not.

One of the more irreverent monsters grins and whispers to you “Welcome to the Sabbat”.

Sabbat: Edge of Extinction is an ongoing monthly LARP campaign based in Auckland, set in the ‘Classic’ World of Darkness. It uses the Mind’s Eye Theatre Vampire the Masquerade rules published (in 2014) by By Night Studios. Player-characters will be members or associates of the Church of Caine, also known as the Sabbat. If none of that makes sense to you, we recommend you play a newly-inducted member (an ordinary human kidnapped off the streets) who will learn all this ‘stuff’ as you do. (Don’t worry, you still get full XP… just assume you were chosen because you had a lot of potential).

If you would like to play, please join our forum:

Character Creation will follow (either by forum, or in person - we plan to have several opportunities for people to do that), and note that we have no issues with handling the mechanical side of things on your behalf, or with letting you design something for yourself… the important part (as always) is that you come up with a concept that will be fun for you to roleplay, and interesting for others to interact with.

We also have a Facebook Group:

If you would like to NPC, please contact the STs through diatribe, our forum, or Facebook.
(The ST’s are Glenn Patel, Antonia Brown and Brad Thompson)

Remember: the sooner you get in, the more time we have to plan stuff that focuses on you!


The dates for the monthly game have tentatively change to the last Sunday of every Month