Vaccine certificates

So I found this a quite interesting announcement:

Basically, the new normal is intended to be increased freedoms for everyone who has gotten fully vaccinated, with the caveat that we’re not safe until (mostly) everyone is safe and the new rules won’t kick in until the whole country is 90% vaccinated. So I can see how that would make running cons and larp events a heck of a lot easier. (If you haven’t gotten vaccinated for Aunty Cindy and Uncle Ashley, do it for larp.)

Does anyone know of the mechanics of how to administer and record vaccine certificates for an event? ie would we have to do it for every event? keep an NZLarps database? I’m assuming anyone running their own project can opt into the certificate system, but has NZLarps as an organisation developed a position yet on how its projects should be run?

This is my personal position only, but as soon as the new system kicks in, I will only be attending events that use certificates.


I was planning to do a post on this, similar to the current “larp in level 2” guidance, when the details were clear. But from discussion on Discord about this, I’m expecting we’ll have to deal with this system to hold events (and it would be responsible to anyway even if it is not a legal requirement), and it sounds like it will be relatively easy to incorporate into event checkin (the cert is currently a QR code, so you scan it and it says yay or nay). As an event org I guess I’ll need to add a ticky box reminding people of the requirement, and I’ll probably need to make sure I have net on-site to check stuff.

It would definitely be useful to have guidance on good practice from @nzlarps_national when this is finalised, especially around the privacy issues.


I’m sure that the committee will look into this as one of their agenda items after the AGM.

Privacy wise, I see it similar to making a note of participant food requirements, or noting who has first aid training.

Practically, it will likely be incorporated into event signup. Similar to how a participant needs to be signed in for safety purposes, their vaccine card/status will also be noted.

Going to be a challenge for sure, but I know we can manage it!



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This is the way I see it. Try and get as much admin work done prior to games and prevent issues coming up from anyone being unaware it was a requirement.

If it can be integrated into the sign up process I think that would be easier to manage than having to cross check against a register that would also need to be maintained. I haven’t run an event so couldn’t say for sure but maintaining registers is a lot of upkeep between games.

When we’re required to sight stuff (and how often) may be set by the legal framework. But for the small events I run, I was just expecting to just add a column to my payment spreadsheet (which I print out, take to the event, and track physical payments and reminders on), and tick it when I see the required documentation onsite. For less than twenty people, where I have to hand out character sheets to everyone anyway, that should work OK.

Some information emerges! Looks like to verify we’ll need something capable of scanning QR codes - like a phone - but won’t need an internet connection. Which solves the Brookfields problem.