Using starship bridge sims in larp

Larp Experience has an article about using a starship bridge simulator in a blockbuster larp called Odysseus, and how to set it up to provide roleplaying opportunities rather than mechanical gameplay:

The sim they used is Empty Epsilon, which is open-source, scriptable, and runs on anything (even a droid phone). They had it set up for multiple player ships (so there were fighter crews, and a main ship crew), which meant intership communications were important, and an opportunity for roleplaying.

All of which sounds cool. Too complicate for a three-hour game, I think - but maybe worth it for a campaign?

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Ooooh, it’s based on Artemis. I’ve played that before. It’s a lot of fun although I wouldn’t call it a larp on its own. (I guess that’s where the rest of the game setup comes in?)

How would you deal with the need for hardware for this one?

Its definitely not a larp on its own. But potentially a tool for one.

For hardware, it may require borrowing it or asking people to bring their own. Though if performance requirements aren’t high, it could be run on leftovers - there are people who never throw away their devices.