Updating the Kiwi Larp Guide

The Kiwi Larp Guide has fallen out of date, so as Auckland Marketing Officer, I just sent out a dozen emails to various Auckland campaign organisers asking for the following details so we can flesh out and update the guide:

  • The correct title of their game
  • A 50 word (3-4 sentence) description designed to describe it to complete newcomers.
  • A web address to link to where prospective players can find out more
  • The name and email address of a contact we can publish on the site, for prospective players to email.
  • A couple of good photos from recent events, or a link to an online album where we can find good photos from recent events.

I have asked for them to return the details by May 14th or I will put them together based on my knowledge of the campaigns. Specifically, I emailed America (Rob, the president), One World by Night (Chris and Kirsten), Nexus (Patrick), upcoming werewolf campaign (Cameron), Chrono Continuum (Blair), Jade Empire (Erin), Dreams in the Witch House (Tigger) and Teonn (Muppet). The Auckland Requiem campaign will need to be removed as it ends at the start of May.

It would be really awesome if Bryn could do the same for the Wellington campaigns, and Michael the same for Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Do you think you’ll be able to do the photo montages too? The current ones have the photos at 200x133 pixels, with a small soft drop-shadow, as JPGs on a white background with overall image size 390 x 232.

If Tigger gets Photoshop successfully installed on his computer, I can give it a go.

If it proves a problem then send me links to the images and I’ll make the montages.