Types of larp

Doing the rounds from Medium: An (Australian) look at different types of larp:


One good point about this is that rather than trying to be exclusive (“boffer OR theatre-style”), it recognizes that many of these types overlap. Lots of the stuff we do in NZ is usually “parlour one-shot scripted (political)” or “combat campaign”, though we’ve recently seen some “parlour scripted campaign” larps (Scandal & Society being the big success story there).

Also, it mentions The Innsmouth Papers.

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I do not like the term “scripted”, it has connotations I do not feel accurately represent the exercise.

And I feel that, by this definition, our “big weekend events” such as Consequence or Saga (to name the two I’ve been to most recently) would come under block-busters, and that startled me

And at least three ongoing alt’s of Kestrel!

Yeah. “Story” is probably the better word for what we do and where the focus lies. Though some of their examples e.g. de la Bete was very heavily scripted (down to “and on the morning of the second day, you will propose marriage to character X”)

And at least three ongoing alt’s of Kestrel!

Officially, that’s Not A Campaign. except that’s exactly what it turns out to be in practice :slight_smile: I guess if we’re going that way, there’s also Longmuir Hall (2 episodes, though only one continuum. so far…).