Two LARPers from Slovenia


Hi guys!

Me and my boyfriend are traveling through New Zealand this summer. We were thinking about what to do and what to visit as long as we are so far from our home. And LARP was one of the options. :slight_smile:

We come from Slovenia, where we just started our first LARP group this year. But we are no real noobies, we were playing it for a few years now. :smiley:
Our only international larp was the Drachenfest (in 2011 and 2012). And now itโ€™s time for us to discover your games. Do you have any meetings in Wellington this or next month? We would like to meet with you and chat a little. Just have some nice timeโ€ฆ




Hi Rebeka

The next 2 big events for Wellington are:

Kapcon in January (Wellington Anniversary weekend 19-20 Jan)
It is primarily a tabletop convention but has larps running in every round, including a flagship on Saturday evening. This year that is Fragrant Harbour, a game based in turn of the century Hong Kong.

In February there is Kingdom which is a fantasy game, played over 1 Saturday night and the day on Sunday. This is a larp combat game and a lot of fun.

There may also be one offs.



Howdy, and welcome!

A couple of us from Auckland went to Drachenfest this year (and/or Mythodea). If you make it up this way let us know!