Tuhituhi 3 Larp Writing Workshop

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For the past two years @Catnip and I have facilitated a one-day (theatre-style) larp writer’s workshop at Petone Community House:

We’re thinking of doing another one, to help get even more cool games for Hydra next year. At this stage, we’d like to know:

  • how many people are interested
  • what would you find helpful?
  • would you prefer a Saturday or Sunday time-slot? (This will affect when it happens; see below)

Normally we’d do this in early May, but looking at the event planning calendar and our personal schedules, its likely that the earliest we can do it this year is early July (alright, I suppose we could aim for Sunday May 13, but some prospective attendees may be at Exile in Auckland. Sunday June 10 could also be a possibility if people aren’t too exhausted after Embers and “Watch the Skies” at Wellycon).

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I am interested! (Saturdays for preference, but I can make Sundays work.)

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