Tring to find Larp rules


I remember reading a rulebook for a game that armour was used to resist abilities and not used as armour points. Does anyone know this system.

Also does anyone know a database of Larp rules?


In KiL Quest III, armour can have a “Carapace Rating” between 0 and 3, as well as supply extra HP. The higher the number of the rating, the more powerful a weapon (or person weilding that weapon) has to be. So to damage a 1 rated armour, you need to be able to do 2 or more damage per strike to affect the wearer of that armour. Hope this helps. :unamused:


I’ve heard that called “reductive” armour.

As opposed to the “ablative” armour more commonly used in larps these days which reduces until gone, and then the wearer starts taking damage personally.

But Muppet seems to be after something else again. Doesn’t sound familiar though sorry.