Tomb-Priestesses of the Nameless Dead

At KapCon over the weekend I got to look through a copy of Tomb-Priestesses of the Nameless Dead, a workshoppy, card-based larp inspired by Ursula Le Guin’s The Tombs of Atuan:

Partly inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s fantasy novel, The Tombs of Atuan (1971), this is a live-action game for 6-10 players, exploring sporadic events in the lives of a group of priestesses charged with serving dead spirits—spirits that are nameless, ancient, and often hostile.

The players will take turns portraying either the priestesses or the Nameless Dead in a series of scenes that are chronological but not clearly located in time. Moments, days, months, or years may pass between scenes. There is also no fixed ending to the game, so things continue in a cyclical pattern—even including characters dying or leaving the sisterhood and new characters being inducted as members—unless the characters themselves decide to break that pattern.

The game is intended to be played in a single session of 3-4 hours. The folks organizing the game should also be able to participate as players, as well as answering any questions as they come up in play.

I’ve just ordered a copy. Someone has suggested that it would make a good game for Hydra, so it’ll be available if anybody wants to run it (or just have a look through).

This arrived today, and looking through it, I think I’ll offer it at Hydra. I’m not sure though whether to go for a two or three hour slot: it recommends a 3-4 hour game (though you can go longer), but the basic game cycle is ~30 minutes long, so allowing that much for setup, its a question of 3 or 5 cycles.

Its about priestesses, so all priestess characters are female (though there are occasional visitors, and the ever-present nameless dead).