Tomb of the Mad Goddess registration on site

I see someone has added Tomb of the Mad Goddess to the NZLARPS calendar, which is cool. … eventid=72

Did you mean to leave online registration on? If not, you can turn it off easily enough by editing the event. I should probably set it to default to off.



Sophie from Wellington (SophMelc?) is the user planning to run this.
I believe her run is full, I am not able to play in it, so haven’t received further details.

[quote]Ok, we’re now provisonally full!

I do still have a spot for an NPC if any one is interested. But it’s
not 100% required.

Thanks to everyone who replied, I’m going through everyone’s email and
will be sending out confirmed casting next week.[/quote]

I would turn it off for now, pm Sophie and confirm.
Also, default = off sounds like a good idea.

It’s off now, although I can’t remember whether I did it. Anyone on the committees can edit events.

Will default it to off, and also add a “full” option so that the event manager can still see the registrations but no-one new can register.

Have defaulted allow event bookings to off.

Also added an option for when bookings have been allowed, but the event is now full. The event manager and players who have already booked can still see the appropriate bookings, but other users can no longer register for it.