The whereabouts of Leo & Moss

On September 4th Leo and Moss received two letters containing horrible news. The first informed them of the destruction of HMA Oblivion by demonic forces in the skies above London, with all hands reported killed including their dear friend Zek Flaherty. The other letter had the news that their sister Ivy Bogdanov was missing in action while on a mission in China and was now presumed dead. The couple were devastated by the loss of two of those closest to them on the same day and refused to accept the news at face value given their personal experiences of such reports proving false in the past. Calling in some favours Leo managed to procure a leave of absence from his post as officer commanding at Hanover Refugee Camp and the services of Captain Abe Hellion and his vessel HMA Lusty to transport them. Leaving Mitaslav and Jasper to see to camp operations, Esther to manage the infirmary (with non-cultist Margaret overseeing), and Cailin and Dahlia sorting the surgery roster, Leo and Moss set forth on September 6th for London and then on to China in search of their missing loved ones.