The Underwater People

A new larp from US designer Jason MorningStar: The Underwater People:

The Underwater People is a gently funny and melancholy game about outsiders forced to assimilate.

You play people who really ought to live underwater but are, instead, selling real estate and wireless plans in suburban Atlanta. So you are a princess of Atlantis, or a swamp monster, or a siren, literally a fish out of water in the dry world, and the people you meet at a Day’s Inn conference room once a month are solace and reminder.

This requires for 4-10 players, including one player/facilitator and about 2 hours.

It looks a bit workshopy, with characters built from origin, occupation and need cards.

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That sounds amazing. Is anyone thinking of running it?

I’m not (my queue of stuff to run is miles long). But it would be very easy to offer for Hydra, or even KapCon round 3 if you’re willing to run the risk of it not filling.