The Towns

Where there are people there is community. By our natures we are social animals, wanting to group together. For safety, for companionship, for strength.

The World That Was may be gone, but in it’s ruins small towns, villages and communities have grown. Usually the are centred around farms and other small industry. Occasionally they service trade routes and act as almost frontier towns.

One such town is the trade hub of Crosspire. Located a few days or weeks walk in most directions from other communities it has become a market town, considered by many to be neutral ground.

You can buy most of what there is to buy in Crosspire, assuming the price is right. They even allow the sale of slaves, though rumor has it that a lot of the populace doesn’t like it much. It’s either that or anger those with bigger guns.

Crosspire is a typical market town with the main services surrounding the town square. The notable areas in town are the surgery, run by Doc Summers. The Smithy, run by relative newcomer Beryl Silverstone, Val’s Diner and the Tavern. Most days there are stalls open to sell everything else that comes and goes, as well as wanderers who might have items for trade or services to offer.

Further out are the farms and then the wilderness. Most of the farming folk have taken to living in town for protection, meaning that farming in Crosspire has evolved into quite a communal affair with most of the residents pitching in at harvest and planting times.

Crosspire has a Mayor of sorts, currently that’s Sam Harris. He’s from an old Crosspire family. One of the oldest along with the Summers.

Crosspire is home to a good number of people, but not so many as to be seen as a threat to anyone. It’s always been seen as too valuable to ruin and so the staus quo remains.