The Stars Beneath the Ocean Game Two: Into the Depths!

The Stars Beneath the Ocean Game Two: Into the Depths!

Tickets are live for our day game on the 1st of April 2023 at the Linden Community Center.

You are a soul, sailing a sea not of this world, forced to piracy by the Cohort, and banded against threats both recognisable and otherworldly!

New players and crew are welcome, and more details can be found on our two event pages!


We’ve been watching ticket sales, while we remain excited about this event, we do want to reach minimum numbers as soon as possible. Linden Community Centre is a really popular venue, and we would like to give them a longer lead time if this event was to not be viable. It is also a relatively expensive venue, which is why our minimum player count is 15.

We would really like to have some certainty about players, so if you have not yet got your tickets, please do so. If you can’t get them now, please send us a message indicating you intend to come and play. This also goes for people crewing, whom we always love to have attend.

To give us a good lead if we have to cancel, and time for Linden to rebook, we will be making the go / no go call on attendees on the 11th of march, two weeks from now, and three weeks from the game.

Our requirement is 15 confirmed player tickets + player indications, along with 5 crew.

If game 2, Into the Depths does not go ahead, we will consider running it later in the year.

Hello Players and Crew

Sadly, we have checked ticket signups and we have not reached minimum numbers to make Game 2 Into the Depths, a viable game.

We will be processing refunds shortly, please await emails from lil regie.

With this sad announcement, the GM team will be taking some time to consider the future of the Stars Beneath the Ocean LARP.

We thank everyone who has supported us thus far.

Tim and Nik.