The Shores Beyond: tSBtO Game 1 Tickets

You’re dead.

But this is not the end.

The Ferryman has you seeking your two coins for passage; they reside in treasure troves, awaiting plundering.

You will have to sail according to dreams, and will come to locales never seen by living eyes. Lore, lost and forgotten, peeks out for those brave or foolhardy enough to wield it. Darkness and corruption strike as viciously as shot and steel.

Gather your crew, set sail, and step onto the shores beyond.

The tickets for game 1 are now open:

Players: $35
NZ LARPS discount players: $25
Crew: $15.


Sign up:

Character creation template:

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A lot of people’s NZLARPS memberships have expired over the last year. If you’re unsure, you can check your status (and rejoin) here:

It’s so nice seeing a game advertisement again. :smiley: