The Séance Experiments

@Leonie_R and @morgue are putting on a show!

The Macarthur-Murray institute is seeking willing volunteers for its experiments on the Pickering Box, a mysterious artifact believed to have been used by the cult known as the Circle of Light.

The Circle of Light began in the 1930s, as a group of innocent radio enthusiasts. When they stumbled upon something powerful, things took a darker turn. The Pickering Box, the device that the cult used for their seances, was believed lost… until now.

It is believed that only a ‘sensitive’ could activate the powers within the Box. Could that be you? Will you be the one to unlock the Box’s secrets?

Only eight people at a time will be admitted to this immersive, interactive experience.


Its not a larp, but is interactive, and they’re happy to call it larp-adjacent. Tickets are $18 / $14 discounted and are on sale now. There’s three sessions a night.

(Unfortunately their last evening clashes with The Lotus, so see it before then?)

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Larp-adjacent might be a bit of a stretch actually…

It has interactive elements but not nearly as much as a larp. I think it would appeal to larpers but if you think of it as an immersive theatre experience rather than ‘larp-adjacent’ you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

Hope you can make it!

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