The Quota

Larp Experience has a couple of posts about the crew experience in The Quota. Its one of those “bleak Nordic prison larps” where you sign up for a weekend of discomfort and abuse, in the hope of learning something about the evils of your government’s refugee policies (which in the UK includes detention, circumvention of bail when courts order your release, and a “hostile environment” designed to slowly starve you into leaving at zero cost to the government).

The crew posts are interesting for the perspective of people asked to portray really horrible people for the entertainment of others, but also for the stuff about in-game calibration and giving the players what they wanted. They also seem to have had detailed questionnaires from each player about their desired experience, which in a one-on-one bureaucratic situation is something you can just stick on a clipboard and refer to in-play - which is a useful trick to keep in mid for games with similar situations.

There’s been a couple more posts in this collection, including one from a player: