The Queen's Justice

@Ryan_Paddy has published The Queen’s Justice, his not-French Revolution larp:

The Queen’s Justice is a larp about tyranny, religious extremism, and revolution. The fictional setting of Ussland resembles pre-revolutionary France, offering a contrast of flamboyant and destitute characters, cruelty, hope, fanaticism, desperation, and ratcheting tension between incompatible ideologies.

The scenario features 26 characters including nobles, soldiers, and a colourful rabble of the lower classes who are under suspicion for conspiring against the Queen. The eponymous Queen’s Justice are a roaming court of inquisition, who would sooner execute innocents by firing squad than lose their lofty noble positions. The game takes about 2.5 hours, and can be played with between 18 and 26 players. Violence is resolved with simple live combat rules and cap guns.


The graphic design in the preview looks really great.

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Thanks! Luckily French Revolution is a theme that had a lot of nice art available on or whatever I was using.

Oh and I looked at some printed political brochures from the period and found a similar font and some graphical elements that mimicked the style.

Had my first sale for The Queen’s Justice, followed the next day by a 5 star review which is nice. Both anonymous, so let me know if anyone hears about it being run somewhere.


I’ll add it to my list of stuff I google for (why yes, I do try and track who runs NZ games overseas :slight_smile: