The Pavs

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Written a larp recently (or even not recently)? Why not submit it for the Pavs, the New Zealand - Australia game awards?

To be eligible, your larp must be a game (larps are games), with a “significant contribution” by “a person who identifies as a New Zealander or Australian”, it must not have previously been a finalist in the Play by Play Awards, and if it has previously been entered, must have been subject to significant revision. You must also have legal permission to enter it from all persons having any rights in it (so if there are multiple authors, all of them need to approve. It also means fanfic larps aren’t eligible, unless you can get permission from the IP rightsholders). There’s no actual time-limit on entries, other than the previous finalist / entrant restrictions. Entries close 15 February 2019.

They note:

Please don’t be too Kiwi about it and think your game isn’t big enough or good enough - over the last few years we’ve had some real gems of games come in all sizes.

There have been some damn good larps written over the years. So why not enter some of them?