The Object

Another neat little mini-larp from DriveThru: The Object:

Think of all those movies and TV shows (e.g. Arrival) where someone is dragged from their home in the middle of the night by secret agents and taken to an undisclosed location to discuss Something Mysterious with Very Important People. That’s what The Object is. Something Mysterious has been found in a dig, and so an ad-hoc crisis committee is going to argue about what it is and what to do with it.

The actual Object is whatever you have to hand - a can-opener, stapler, or similar. The characters are basicly a job-description (President, Professor, General etc) and a general approach. There’s an informal act structure, where the players will first have a bit of chatter to get into character, then create the story of the discovery of the Object using prompts on cards, then finally get to the actual argument. It recommends disagreeing violently with one another if possible, which isn’t bad advice if you’re trying to create drama. In the end, the President will make a decision, and there’s some narrated ramifications (again from cards).

Its a short game, only an hour. But it looks like it could be fun. It would be an easy game for a short session at something like Hydra. And again, its pay-what-you-want, so you can just check it out and reward the author later if you like it.

I’m thinking there’s probably an interesting game in this style around receiving an interstellar message, with the crisis group arguing over what it really means, whether to keep it secret, or to build whatever it has instructions for. Though I’m wondering if you could have a JUGGERNAUT-style card deck for disturbing revelations about the message.