The new user interface

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This is why I’m not allowed to give directions to people who are driving.


[quote=“Adrexia, post:38, topic:21214, full:true”]
…11minutes isn’t quite enough to be trusted to start a topic (but is enough to reply to posts - a more common activity for new users).[/quote]
I highly doubt that! The vast majority of time I’ve created a user account on some random forum, it’s to ask a question that isn’t answered elsewhere on the forums, not to comment on a thread that already exists.

My 2c, etc etc


Want to see analytics? :wink:

It does depend on the nature of the forum1. The main function of this forum isn’t support, for instance. We have the huge welcome thread, and many jump into campaign based discussion threads. Some do start threads straight away. And they can do that, once they spend 10 minutes reading posts, and read more than 30 posts, etc etc. As a sidenote this:

…implies that you’ve spent time reading the forum, would mean that you’d have enough street cred to post topics. I think it even carries over when you create the account, from the time you spent before that but maybe not all of it.

1 And the person - your first post, for instance, may have been a new thread2. My first new thread was several years after joining
2 It wasn’t, but it could have been :wink:


[quote=“Adrexia, post:43, topic:21214, full:true”]
…implies that you’ve spent time reading the forum, would mean that you’d have enough street cred to post topics.[/quote]
Yes, but more often than not, not as a registered user. Again the vast majority of the time when I create the account is immediately before I post my first post (and yes, that has caused issues on some sites)

That may be the not-usual case, I suppose, but I’m not going to register for a forum unless and until I have something to say on it. I don’t create an account just to browse, unless I have to (i.e. you can’t even read the forum without an account, and in those cases I typically don’t bother)


Yeah, that’s probably fairly typical. But your first post here, like mine, was on an existing thread. We don’t get many new users creating a new topic as their very first action. There are a few outliers (eg the people who join because they are running an event and want to advertise it here, or researchers, etc).

I know discourse does track how long an unregistered user spends reading, as it attempts to up sell users to create an account after a few topics. I haven’t tested what that means for a new account.


Cool, thanks for all the help =D. Then there’s one more small little thing: The FAQ isn’t really an FAQ =P.

Edit: Ah! Now on the top right it says create new topic! It didn’t do that when I didn’t have the right to do so yet =P. But I could get into the “Create topic” menu thingy by scrolling down, peculiar =).


Haha, you’re right, it’s more guidelines. That page is largely supplied by the software - we just added the bit about the code of conduct at the top.

I suspect the fact that you saw any create topic call to actions is a user interface bug.