The larp I want


A larp I’d like to try: a fully immersive weekend-long theatreform Regency larp, based on the works of Jane Austen (and other period authors), using an appropriate large house (I can think of several possible venues in or around Wellington). Naturally there’d have to be a ball, though not as long as actual ones please. With IC entertainments (larpsafe shooting, croquet or some equivalent, walks in the garden and picnics) during the day and a GM-run postal service so you can exchange letters. Modern catering though, because regency food sucks.

Will someone not run this game for me?


Where the heck is the ‘like’ button! I’d come to this.

All the ladies would need help getting into the dresses though.


lol. Would you want pre-gen characters or for the players to write their own?


Either would work, but pre-gen would be more likely to be successful. You’d need to have the players collaborate significantly to get the level of interconnectedness required for everyone to be fully involved all weekend.


Like, Like, so LIKE can I sign up now


I would be tempted to do this if I had any idea how…


Man I would love a game like this. And may be tempted to write one in the future, just probably not in the next couple of years.


I understand that Daena has been inspired.


Yes i have put my hand up and am looking for people to help write, we will see how it develops :slight_smile: