The home depot 12 foot skeleton

Home Depot (US store) had a 12 foot tall skeleton as one of their Halloween props. Which is the sort of prop you can design an entire game around. Obvious uses:

Its on special at US$75 ATM. But of course does not ship to NZ (because I expect it weighs a lot).

More on the insanity (and “the cult of the Giant Home Depot Skeleton”) here:

Maybe The Warehouse will have them next year.


Nearly $800 US to ship one to Europe, I can only imagine what the shipping cost to NZ would be.

(Which is not the same as “I don’t think it’s worth it”, btw!)

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Its a 4 foot cube, and I have no idea how much it weighs. YouShop won’t give a quote on things that big. Really, we need someone who works in logistics to work it out (its the sort of thing you chuck in a container as filler and send by boat, not air, especially ATM when air freight is expensive).

Having detailed discussions about things like transporting 12ft. plastic skeletons is one of the joys of LARP, and probably good for a WETA workshop interview :smile:

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