The Free City of Yardis

A space for shared information and character knowledge for anyone from/has dealings with the Free City! :smiley:

Almazan’s Forge:
Back in the day when people asked about Blacksmiths in Yardis, the first name off their lips was Almazan, “he does the best work, since he married that beautiful woman it’s been even better.” Their hospitality was fabulous, such kinda adorable people. Just head to the trade quarter and look for the sign of the Diamond. In the last 20 years however, somethings have changed, but not the name, nor the sign.

One of Yardis’ busiest metal workers has stood for decades as the place to go for repairs, modifications and custom pieces, whether for art or practical use. Hanging above the doorway is a sign, with just a shining diamond on it, opening the door causes a bell to sound, not a high pitched ding-a-ling like most places, but a deeper, heavier clang instead. Inside is a work table, with various sketches and tools, small and intricate items. A long counter with scales, note books and writing implements, hanging on the wall are several pieces of metalwork for sale. To one side is a small table and chairs, a window out to the yard allows customers to view the smith at work if they so wish, without having to endure the heat and temperature of the forge and molten slag, it also serves as a dampener of sound from the constant ringing of steel.

An man steps out from behind the curtain, you can see years of experience in his eyes. Broad shoulders, muscular arms & calloused hands, his kind warm smile welcomes you. “Good Morning, I am Rahim Almazan, what can we do for you today?” he asks.

The Street-rat Alchemist:

About ten years ago, a homeless kid would have started peddling Alchemy on the streets of the Free City. A scrawny androgynous kid known to the scum at the bottom of Yardis as “Dee the Alchemist”, she could almost always be found in some run-down corner of Yardis selling Callami and Harberry Alchemy to anyone who can buy it, or trading it for other services: medical attention, a place to crash for a night, a guard to go into one of the more dangerous areas of the city, anything her customers could supply.

Five years ago, she disappeared off the streets of Yardis.

Shortly afterwards, a young woman by the name of Adilah joined the mercenary company known as the Wolf Pack as an Alchemist, and has remained there ever since.

If you think you might have met Adilah either as a street-rat or as a mercenary, drop me a line. :smiley:

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Almazan’s Forge is a great place to go if you’re looking for smith work done in the Yardis style; but for those with more foreign tastes, or those just looking for a Llanoch-style dirk, there’s no going past The Razor’s Edge. The store is also known amongst pit fighters as a place you can go to get yourself patched up along with your gear - no questions asked.

The store is ostensibly owned and operated by the master-smith Dominik Seppanen; but more often than not, it’s left in the care of his staff and apprentices while he is “away on business” as a member of the mercenary group the Wolf Pack.

If you’ve bought weapons or armour, had your weapons or armour repaired, or needed to have your bones set after a rough encounter, maybe you’ve met my character. Drop me a line and we’ll work something out!

The man himself, Rahim Almazan!


hey just gonna ask here (have also asked the gms just waiting on the word) but what would people think about a mage Collegium (collage) as either part of or separate to the existing Collegium?
I ask because one of my possible characters im wishing to play/the main one im thinking of would be a mage who has studied at such a place and a separate collage would be much liked by me and im hoping others might also like the idea.
please let me know what you think either over here or on fb (luke smylie)

I believed that the Collegium taught magic, alchemy, knowledge etc, but not trade skills or the like, SO perhaps a separate wing for Magic, which is then further split into the 4 schools, would still fit under the Collegium umbrella. With an alchemy wing, a library for learning etc.

However, I do feel that there could be other teachers out there, based in the other cities (as the Collegium is based in Yardis), where people could have also learned various aspects of Magic. But those who actually studied at the Collegium, would have that “prestige” of having studied there.

I mean, that’s how I saw it.

Roughly five years ago, Kareen Amira arrived in Yardis, the leader of a group of mercenaries calling themselves ‘The Wolf Pack’ who specialise in escorting persons and property to and from different cities and territories.

Unlike most mercenaries who have a somewhat rough and ready reputation, The Wolf Pack operates a highly professional service that is quite popular amongst followers of The White Path. Once you have signed a contract with the Pack, you can expect a comfortable and safe journey to your destination. The Pack provide everything you need- good food and drink, the repair and maintenance of any armour and weaponry and medical care. Every detail is taken care of, right down to any neccessary passes and travel documents.

Long standing residents of Yardis, especially those of the merchant quarter, might notice Kareen seems very similar to a Kareen Bassam, daughter of the merchant Ahmed Bassam who fell into ill-fortune some years ago. His daughters were intentured to his creditors to pay off his debt- the younger, Mala, was freed five years ago but the elder was intentured to the travelling merchant Ujarak Rab- and according to him she fell ill and died on the road to Ulstadt.

PM me if you want to have a character connection and/or have hired The Wolf Pack in the past :smiley:

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