The Eleven Doctors

So I’ve had this idea for the last few weeks since hydra
The Eleven Doctors, Something had happened with the TARDIS/Spacetime/Something else Timey Wimey and the doctor and all of his previous incarnations (Doctors one through ten, and possibly some companions) have appeared in one place. Together they must fix the eleven TARDIS’s (or is that fix the TARDIS eleven times?) and return to their journeys.

This would be run at Chimera or Hydra or both. Just in idea stage for now, wondering how much interest there would be for people to play the doctors of the past? This would obviously make it a male heavy game (although I think there may be some females willing to take the role too) so thats why I thought maybe the addition of some of the doctor’s companions would help add some female roles.

I’ve been waiting for this :smiley:

Keen! I had an idea similar to this for a LARP. Just couldn’t flesh out all the characters, though I started some stuff on LARPwriter. Can I fix it up, and run it by you? SImply as a DW fan.

Sounds Good :slight_smile:

This would be awesome. But I would say definitely include the companions, at least one for each of the doctors.

This sounds really interesting!

Would be so keen to get involved with this in any way possible! :smiley:

Is this being planned?