The Costume Thread 2014

Since nobody else had started this (and because I need the help myself), I figured I’d start the thread for borrowing and swapping costumes for this year’s Chimera.

If anybody has a pink frock and blonde wig I could borrow for Sunday morning, that would be superb. It’d also be great if somebody could help me look like a priest for the flagship.

I have a Blonde wig avalible that im not using,

im also after a pair of pink bunny ears if anyone has some avalible


Here’s a list of things I could do with, rather than having to buy.

Dress & apron - size 16/18, something suitable for a lady’s maid… Sunday morning.

Seeking stakes and mallet.

For loan: I will have an aluminium haburgeon available for any session other than “Seven Deadly Virtues”. Priority given to players in “Moorstepper” on Friday night.

A pork pie hat of some description for Friday night. Will accept a bowler hat in a pinch…