The Clueless Tavern

It’s a dream. It’s all a dream. The clueless tavern is a place found in the dreams from many different worlds. Both a place of shared dreams and a place where dreams collide.

The path to get there is different for every person and every world. Some reach it through a meditative state, others through mind altering potions or other substances, some just find themselves there with no intentions of going there at all.

For the most part the environment one finds them self in is that of a shared dream. Others there are also dreaming but often remember what is said and done when they return to their waking world. It is always wise however to remember it is only a dream. While most of those present are beings from either your own or another world, some may be from the dreams, or even nightmares of yourself or others. Dreams can be deceptive.

It is however relatively safe for those who frequent the tavern. The ties that bind one to this dream land are weak. While it might be possible to strengthen those ties given time and effort, such an undertaking should not be taken lightly, for if sometimes dreams might come true, what of your nightmares…?

OOC: A few of you have known for a while about my building of an IC Tavern in the garage at my home… I am intending on running something along the lines above on a regular basis on Tuesday nights. - Not sure how often yet, but I thought I’d start to publicise some of my intentions. - Questions/comments/speculations all welcome.

Sounds awesome. Would defiantly be keen on something fortnightly.

sounds awesome! would definitely give it a go once I’m back in hams :slight_smile:

It’s something I’ve been watching with anticipation…