The Character that Was

My character has finished her story arc. Here it is, for those that wondered at the changing personalities and moods (and names) of Tania/Nova/Amber/Hayley. Thanks for Nikki and Jarrat for help in the character creation, and to Sophie and everyone else for making it turn out the way it did. The World that Is has been wonderful.

Tania was a scientist in Arc Eustonia, specialising with blood borne diseases and developing hand held blood analysis units (her finger rings). She woke, with no memory, beneath several bodies and covered in blood. This gave her the ironic (for a surgeon) phobia for bleeding – blood is meant to be in the body, not out of it.

She ran away into the wilderness and stumbled upon the wanderer Hawk. He named her Nova and told her about the religion of the five angels, calling her after Novala, the angel that gives life, asking for her promise to survive and live to counter all those he had previously killed.

When he left to do some dangerous business Nova was captured by slavers and given the addictive drug Emerald. Morgenstern sold her at the trading town of Crosspire (at the start of the first game). Christa, her younger sister, bought her, and synthesised a safer form of Emerald to wean her off her dependency. Nova had a tendancy to do anything anyone asked if they gave her “just a little bit”.

Crosspire had an AI called Hayley lurking beneath the city, and Christa inserted Hayley into Tania/Nova. This wiped her memories entirely again. Hawk and Christa and June tried to assure her they were her friends, but the evidence to Amber, as she now called herself, wasn’t overwhelmingly in their favour.

Christa died whilst attempting to defuse a bomb that was threatening the town. Just as Amber seemed to be recovering part of her memories. Amber recalled how to do surgery, but the blood was always off putting, so it often wasn’t successful. She sporadically used Emerald to give her the mental stimulus if difficult situations, or when her memories threatened to overcome her.
She befriended Doc, who became Mayor of New Haven but their ways parted not long after the town disbanded.

Amber travelled in the wilderness mainly by herself, then met up with Flora and headed South to Paradise. She learnt the way to fix Ruby and the other AIs when Hayley talked with the android Number 1. She travelled North once more to find Eric, who held the pieces of Larry required for all of the AIs to be on the network again, who had been travelling with Hawk. She didn’t find either of them.

As Amber headed to Paradise, searching for a Temple of the Angels which Hawk had told her was so beautiful, she was taken by slavers again. This triggered memories of her previous experiences, and she eagerly took the Emerald on offer once more. Arriving shortly afterward at the town called Joy, she had found a happy place. They worshipped The Angels, had a temple and ready supply of Emerald to keep the memories at bay. And that night the Angels walked amongst them – she was so happy to meet Novala.

Eric/Larry was also there, and in the morning Sebastian/Arty revealed himself. A clone of Christa/Audrey arrived to complete the confluence of AIs. Christa/Audrey was shot at point blank range, and she experienced her sister dying again. That afternoon they joined they network so that all of the AIs could be reset, fixing Ruby. Nova broke her promise to Hawk and gave up on
living – it had been too hard with all her friends and family dying in so much blood while she could helplessly look on. Novala spoke to her in her final moments as Polly and Salom tried to save her, and she realised she had done all of what was required of her, and could now walk amongst the Angels.