The Bells Toll

[size=150]The bell tolls.[/size]

The year is 1016. It was to have been the heralding of the Age of Humanity.

Now nation wars against nation in the New world of Europe, each vying to claim the broken throne of England from it’s unworthy successor.

Within the Empire of the Old world, something ancient seeks to consume the world. Through a shadowy portal, desperate folk flee from this doomed world, seeking salvation.
The evil they sought to escape has followed them, even here.

The two worlds will collide as people fight for survival, legend returns to life, and Chaos finds a new world ripe for conquest…

Where does your allegiance lie?

(A Waikato larp coming in Marh / April 2016)

Hi all,

This idea has evolved a bit. And the idea is underway, planning for a late 2016 or early 2017 start.

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