The 90.95 Euro kit challenge

German larp Epic Empires seems to have had a 90.95 Euro kit challenge and released the resulting tutorials:

Its in German, but apparently reasonably easy to follow with Google translate.

The costumes are interesting, but so is the international comparison. A few years back UK larp Odyssey had a £30 kit challenge, which focused on minimising both cost and skill required for entry. The German one is more expensive, but also has much higher skill requirements: entries involve making your own shoes, doing embroidery, or hand-weaving your own trim. It’s about accepting a minimum budget and asking how great can you look for that amount, rather than seeking to minimise costs completely.

Epic Empire si (in)famous for having pretty strict requirements regarding clothing and kit. You’re not even allowed OOC hiking boots.

Just thought I’d point that out as it might explain a few things.