To all the Hydra crew and the GMs. I had a really good time.

I’ll add my thanks to all involved, Hydra rocked this year. Special thanks to Scott who did an insane amount of work and to those involved in set-dressing

Thanks guys it was my first LARP in New Zealand and it was unforgettable! Special thanks to the GMs and Crew, and the people I got to play with as sidekick - The Troll, Touch of the Jasmine Breeze and Thomas Campbell :slight_smile:

It was really great! I’m carefully writing up my favorite moments, but I keep remembering more.

Thanks to all my GMs, the games were a blast. Personal favorite had to be Kirby High, I loved getting to be Alexandra again.

Also a massive, huge thank you to everyone who played in Wilkinson-Baker Hall. It was awesome seeing it brought to life.

I honestly thought I posted but perhaps my dodgy internet ate it, or I imagined it in a post-Hydra exhaustion.

Thank you very much to everyone that made Hydra happen, especially Scott, his helpers and my game masters! Thank you also to all my Wellington friends for being so welcoming to us Aucklanders :slight_smile: I never feel out of place when I visit!

Yes, thanks Scott. Thanks Wellington LARPers. Hydra was Awesome!!!
Will be back to invade again next year!

I love it every time I come down. Thank you for a great convention.

Thanks all. I had a blast for the time that I was there. Great to see so many familiar faces and so many new ones.

To my GM’s Jon, Jenni and Paul. You guys rocked, loved the characters and really enjoyed playing Ultimia again.