Tesla's Wedding gear and costuming

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I thought I would start a thread to share advice and manage loans of kit. And, you know, chat and have fun and that also. We have several first-time larpers coming to the game, and I’d like to give them a big kia ora.


As a general matter, we have the basics for the set, but Victorian-esque brasswork and bling to pretty it up would be very welcome.


I have a lot of stuff that’s women’s size 6-8, as well as plenty of accessories and even a few wigs :slight_smile: Hit me up if you’re needing anything!


K so liek, i’m all new and stuffs any tips on how and what i need to acquire for this?


Waistcoats, corsets, hats and goggles are steampunk staples. You’re cast as an engineer, so some sort of toolbelt full of random things or a giant spanner would be awesome.


Does anybody have a Fez? Seems like it would be the appropriate headgear (with googles) for my character.


Mk! Do you know any wellington based places I could hire or loan from? i don’t really know where to look >.<


Costuming Suggestions

The basic period is Late Victorian, around the time when bustles were
popular. Don’t let that cramp your style: poor people are a bit old-fashioned, rich people are terribly modern, and some folk just like the eccentric. The genre of the game is Steampunk, and that means Weird and Wonderful. Some

The de l’Eclaire family are French, posh, fond of light colours and natty tailoring, tend to smell of ozone, gunpowder, or expensive perfume, and often have boofy, poofy, frizzy hair.

The Drakenwyrm family are quite sinister, from mountains in darkest Europe. They’re fond of rich, dark colours, heavy swagged cloth, and tailoring that suggests animal features.

The zeppelin pirates are fond of ruffled shirts and swaggers. Goggles might be useful.

Scientists favour labcoats as a sign of their status. Pin-sharpeners are more working class. Travellers from Britain are neat and straitlaced. Everyone else, go with your heart.


The Costume Cave are pretty good.


Hi! I’m playing in the game on Sunday and pretty sure I can cover most of my necessary costuming, all I need is a good humble straw hat, like one a farmer might wear. others could be considered but if anyone has a straw field hat I would love to borrow it. my head is big so if will have to have a very large inside dimension. thanks!


So I have a tux and waist coat but lack a cravat or old fashioned necktie. Given I’m part of the modern ‘fancy’ crowd in the Larp, would a modern necktie, worn in a particularly puffed out manner, be sufficient?


Probably. But I have a couple of cravats or ascots you could use (only white, bronze or gold, I’m afraid - I should really get a loud polka-dot ascot sometime)


Thanks Id - I’ll put on a normal necktie, but if you have one spare one the night we’ll see if that may work better?