Sword making supplies

It is time to make lots of weapons again

Where is the cheapest place in Hamilton to buy PVC pipe and lagging?


Wow! The price of PVC has gone up.

Place makers wanted $22 per metre. No way am I paying that for 20mm PVC
Mico Pipelines would do a 6 metre length for about $30.
Retail price on a 6 m length from Zip is $70. Thankfully I can now get trade from them.

Whereas 1.2m fibreglass cores are about $7, and a 1.8 x 1m roll of camp mat (which will make quite a few swords) is $12 - $16 depending on whether it is on special.

Well theres a whole bunch of 20mm PVC I had send up to Auckland that I had got for free… I think some 40m or so…

Recommend fibreglass over PVC if you can get it

Alista is old school. He likes boffers. Something about better weight and boffers are thrust safe. He’s not fussy on how they look. Takes all types aye?

The guys I am playing with are more interested in the actual swordplay rather than with cosmetic appearances.
With PVC they are allowed thrusts and pommel strikes and the weight gives better combat speeds.
The weapons in the system have to meet a minimum weight requirement and fibreglass/camp-mat won’t meet those requirements.

I know that you won’t believe this, but some of these players have played in games that use latex weapons and they just won’t play in any game where latex weapons are used.

Comparing prices with those that Idiotsavant quoted, the prices are now similar, but with the boffers you get a much superior weapon, with the flats you get a much better prop.

I know what you mean Alista. I still prefer the “feel” of fighting with rattan over everything else. Even though it’s the ugliest physical representation of a sword you can find.

Didn’t Norman drop off hundreds of meters of PVC pipe?

Norm picked up a bunch of PVC to take for props up to Auckland. Like 40 or 50m worth.

We had ten people turn up and make weapons. We will have to do another workshop shortly for those that couldn’t make the first one.

Saw ad on tv tonight, 25% off all faom at Pararubber for those interested