Sunset in the Silver City

Most players should have received their character sheets by now. Those that haven’t I’ve contacted directly to apologise, and we hope to get those out to you in the next day.

The cast list:

Abiel: Ciaran
Ariel: Naomi Guyer
Asmodeus: Ellen Boucher
Azrael: Amanda Alderson
Barachiel: Jarratt Gray
Gabriel: Sarah Lyne
Leviathan: Nasia A
Lucifer: Anna Klein
Mammon: Sarah Daymond
Metatron: Norman Cates
Michael: Nick Pitt
Ophaniel: Claire Ahuriri
Raphael: Russ Kale
Remiel: Evie G
Sandalphon: Matt Swain
Sariel: Steph Cybart
Tahariel: Jordan H
Uriel: Tanya Nendick