Sunset Claws - parlour larp

Sunset Claws is a parlour larp set within the Warhammer Fantasy world.

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Venue is Hardy Hall on Hungerford Cres, Hamilton.

26 April from 5 to 9pm.

Cost $10 per player. Crew or support roles can join in at no cost.

nzlarps members can enjoy a complimentary ginger beer at the event

Character List (15)

Genevieve Dieudonne, owner of the tavern and Lady of Mystery™

Count Fredo, a Tilean fur merchant, far from home and down on his luck

Lord Bucket, old mad janitor of the Crescent Moon

Herr Fuegelbrant, pontificating Witchhunter of Sigmar

Father Pendersen, body collector and Priest of Morr

Klara von Gruppen, a middle-class student of Astaran’s

Madame Rosalina, a Strigany seer working with Herr Fuegelbrant

Crowbar Keller, a ratcatcher cleaning the Crescent Moon’s privies

Astaran Seamist, high elf scholar and old friend of Genevieve

Lady Dunkelhaus, a noble out of place in the Crescent Moon

Sergeant Stalagmeit, heavily muscled soldier and lawman

Skeggi Hadrissun, dwarfen runesmith and Piglet Tossing fanatic

Slayer Grimgul, dwarfen trollslayer and Piglet Tossing fanatic

Finkel Tippletwist, cheerful Halfling manager of the Crescent Moon

Sir Barthof the Burly, an Ulrican knight from the North

(Note: a number of roles are gender fluid and can be modified or cross-dressed at participants needs)

The Times and The Mores:

It is the year of our Lord Sigmar 2051. For years now, the terrible undead armies of the Vampire Lord, Vladimir von Carstein, have marched ever northward. Almost all of the Empire has fallen to his forces, with each battle only increasing his zombie legions. Now Vlad’s enormous army lays siege outside the walls of Altdorf, the Empire’s capital and mightiest city. If the city falls, then the Empire is surely lost, and many are convinced the city cannot help but fall. They say Vlad wears a ring that makes him invincible and immortal. In the face of that, many have considered flight or surrender. After all, being a vampire means you get to live forever, and hang out with the rich and beautiful. And of course not get murdered by the army outside the city.

Somehow Vlad must have sensed these thoughts, because at sunrise there came a proclamation from the vampire camp: all those who left the city before sunset would be spared. Minutes later, another proclamation came from the city’s criers: anyone found attempting to leave the city would be shot on sight. And anyone found on the streets after midday would be put on the walls to fight. Immediately, people dashed to find hiding places or escape routes. Rumour suggests that for twenty five crowns you can bribe the guards at the west gate and escape, but getting there before dark without being stopped is impossible.

The city was already primed to explode from fear before the army even arrived, with the “pattern killer” known as the Harbinger slaughtering elves across the city. His name came from the belief that the killer is a vampire, heralding the assured doom of the city from Vlad’s approaching army. After all, vampires can look completely human when they want to, and their plans are deep and their agents are many. Others think the Harbinger is in fact the crazed anarchist who dubs himself “The Terrier”. The panic of the curfew has ignited the rumour mill anew. Everyone is jumping at shadows, sure that nothing is as it seems.

The general affection for vampires is probably why the city allowed a place like the Crescent Moon to exist, even after the war began. Rumour has always indicated that this tavern is a home to vampires and other creatures of darkness. If there is any hope to escape the city or join the enemy, it has to be here. And at least it is safe: even if it could be considered treason to be there, Genevieve has one unbreakable rule: no blood can be shed in the Crescent Moon, on pain of having a nine-foot-tall ogre rip your arms off before the steel leaves your scabbard.

But there are still dark deals to be made and violent plans to set in motion. And at sunset, all bets are off – and claws will be unsheathed, hungry for blood…

Vampire Lore: What the average citizen of the Empire knows about vampires is gleaned from myths, legends and romantic verse, so is often inaccurate, if not completely false. The legends say that the creatures feed on blood, but this act is said to be exciting and intoxicating. Becoming a vampire means receiving the Dark Kiss, a privilege reserved for only a (lucky) few. According to the teachings of the churches, vampires are unholy creatures, and thus vulnerable to holy relics. They are also cursed to be unable to endure sunlight or running water, to lack any reflection and to be repelled by garlic. Vampire powers include turning to mist, turning invisible, becoming a bat or a wolf, mesmerizing with a gaze and controlling the undead.

Thanks to everyone who attended this, will look at running more!