Sufrant and it's mysteries

The doors to the Citadel

The doors to Sufrant were opened by a bell. Chimed perhaps at Midday or Midnight although it did not close on it’s own, nor has it been closed since (wedged open)

The first door opened to a t Intersection. On the wall in front was a mosaic depicting 4 colours of magic in geometric patterns (5x8 Grid). To the left and right were two doors with normal locks

To the left past the lock was a cave in, a small Mosaic like the one at the front door (4x6ish), and a green Nephlim guard.

To the right, past the standard lock was a deceased Blue Nephlim with a Dragonbone core intact (looks to have been eaten by wild animals), a mosaic (8x8) with a rough 4x6ish piece missing in the middle, and an Alpha Lock (4 input)

The mosaic Lock

This was a 4 colour map puzzle. The entry mosaic was complete and gave the clue of 4 colours not touching. The small mosaic fit perfectly in the large mosaic and gave the full picture. With some colours already filled it became a logic problem to solve the remaining colours in the mosaic.

Overlaying an 8x8 grid of letters, and singling out the BLUE squares, revealed the phrase “SUFRANT CALL ME”

An ancient song, speaking of a persons return to see his lover/daughter in Sufrant had the final line of “Sufrant call me home”

Home was the 4 letter word to unlock the door,

Palob the Wizard talked about his great ancestor being responsible for the lock. Being a possible Blue mage, this explained the Blue pattern being the key, as well as his penchant for magical locks.

Beyond the door was a blue Nephlim, “Connie”. She explained her role to assist the maker (As did all blue nephlim), and his sudden disappearance. She would eventually give up her Dragonbone core to enact the Ritual of Breaking

The door out of this chamber was marked with a plaque and two recessed Key locks in the wall.

The plaque said something along the lines of

"If you do not have the keys to pass through this gate, Head to the pipes below and go left, left, then straight to find yourself at Duskwoods western gate.

The Keys to Sufrant

Legend has the Keys being handed down from mayor to mayor of Duskwood, although they went missing recently. It is proposed that Duskwood being a support town to the citadel of Sufrant may of had some custodial link to the Citadel as well.

Following the plaques instructions and a map of the sewers, a group ventured forth. The sewers were filthy and had traces of explosives littered about - possibly from the mad alchemist and his barn. The sewer opened eventually into a cavernous area with a Green Nephlim. Surrounding it was a mass of explosives and around it’s neck were two keys,

It couldn’t be reasoned with - It only said get out and leave and The keys are mine, and was eventually defeated through arcane damage.

The Corridor of Devotion

The keys eventually placed in the recesses back in Sufrant opened up into a long corridor with three plinths and along the wall were some parchment with inscriptions. A simple substitution cypher from gravestone names, revealed the plinths purpose and what was required to venture forth.

To pass three things were required to be placed on the plinths

  • Dragonskin, a single Dragon Scale
  • A priests telensis staff
  • A symbol of Vanhir wrought in gold

Once complete, the children of the maker would be awoken.


I examined the body and found that the half Nephilim was not deceased - it was merely unfinished. I could not tell if it were of the blue or the green type, as it was missing a face. I think it was probably green (otherwise it may not fit with the story of the apprentices not knowing of the blue Nephilim… unless another Nephilim carried it there?)

I was also wondering if the daughter referred to in the song was Sufrant herself? The song talks of the ocean. Pablo suggested blue mage, but it could easily have been a song about how his ancestor ended up miles across the ocean, rather than simply staying in Duskwood. It was suggested that the colours of magic were constructed after the fall, and Pablo’s ancestor was at least 200 years pre fall (according to the grave stones)*
I’m unsure who it was that made that suggestion. Does anyone know more about magic?

The key to sufrant was the bell that let us in. It had been passed down as a wedding gift, and to those who had just had children. It was eventually placed in a children’s play hut. The hut caught fire. Oak had ended up with the keys/bell and lost them to the tavern in a game of chance.

It sounded to me like the Talensis staff would awaken the children of the maker? I will consult my notes.

  • Orelli, Mason, 545-608 vs Emil Inventor and healer 808-889 - this was my Great Grandfather, who was alive not too long before the fall (894RE)

The opening gates

When change-wind churns or chap-cold burns,
And fogs conceal the sky,
I mark my mast and measure fast,
for Sufrant, by and by.

Through sea-birds soar and surf froths roar,
My ship’s prow cuts the gloom,
Pledge my prayer to place me there,
Sufrant call me home.

In Duskwood’s deeps a daughter sleeps,
her dreams and mine are parted,
the forests firs and ferns are hers,
and mine are ocean-hearted.

But wind and wake shall wane and break,
then homewards shall I roam,
and song and sail will serve my tale,
Sufrant call me home.

The plaque above Sufrant’s courtguard

If you have no key to enter here
Then pass through Rulaine’s* western gate
And then turn left then left then straight
To reach the chamber at Duskwood’s rear.

  • The apprentice of the Maker responsible for inventing plumbing and giving Duskwood its pipes.

The gifts

Long is the way, and hard, so goes the lore
Three gifts remain to open Sufrant’s gate
The first needs dragons skin - a single scale
This the gift for which the pillar waits
The second, Vanhier’s symbol wrought in gold
To show devotion to the one of making
The third device a priest’s Talensis staff
Whose symbols bring all Vanhier’s children waking.


Perhaps each gift has it’s own symbology and meaning. Which to say means that the total ritual does not mean the children wake, just the doors open…

The staff however must be like some control thingy meaning the priests of Vanheir controlled the Nephalim

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Perhaps they controlled the monsters? The newer modals were unknown to them, if we are to believe Colbalt.