Strike Force Alpha - Trouble in the Sudan


The Sudanese Warlord General Bol has been captured and is currently being held in a secure location. During the course of the mission team member Gunther Mannheim was killed in a close-quarters battle. Under questioning from Stephen Ferguson, he reveals that he is acting as a go between. He is getting paid by a “Mr Lynch” to procure a weapon of mass destruction from the Russians and deliver it by ship to somewhere in the continental United States (he doesn’t know where). Said weapon is currently on a ship named “Свобода звезда” (the Freedom Star) somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Under further questioning he says that he doesn’t know who Mr Lynch is working for. The team gets a physical description. Mr Lynch was using an unmarked Blackhawk helicopter to fly in and liase with General Bol as he believes electronic means of communication are too easily intercepted.

Independant researching by the team reveal that “Lynch” is a generic codename used by all agents of the Special Activities Division of the CIA. They also use unmarked Blackhawk helicopters. However, there is no direct evidence that the CIA are involved in this operation, or even if they are, what their intentions for the weapon are.

There are two likely scenarios:

  1. Lynch is a CIA operative who is securing a WMD from the Russians for some undisclosed purpose.

  2. Lynch is an independant operator who by chance or design is doing a very good job of impersonating a CIA S.A.D operative.

The team is given their second mission: Track down and take over the Freedom Star while it is still in international waters. Find out the nature of the WMD, and neutralise it. If Lynch is on board he is to be taken alive for further questioning.