Stephanie's Costume Giveaway


So, I had one of those big closet sort outs that happen when you realise that you have dresses that don’t fit anymore, or you’re unlikely to wear them again, and if you had more space than you could get at the rest of your kit more easily…

Long story short, I have some kit that’s free to a good home, that can be viewed here:
The dresses are size 12-ish.

Priority for who gets what if there are any double ups is:

  1. Will come to my house and collect it (in Wilton)
  2. Will meet me at Kapcon and collect it
  3. Will pay me postage

Also, I’m so excited about Kapcon!


URL gives me a 404.


Try now?


This one works.

Nice regency dress. I’ll be running a regency game at Hydra this year, y’know…


It doesn’t fit anymore. :slightly_frowning_face:
But I have a pattern for a different Regency dress that would be nice to have an excuse to make up.